By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: The Good Guys is currently lobbying the New South Wales Government for permission to trade on Easter Sunday, ANZAC Day and Boxing Day across all its stores in the State.

In its application, The Good Guys claim that the public wants to buy appliances on public holidays and that these days are particularly good for business.

“The Good Guys sell products that the public expects they can purchase on…public holidays,” wrote a Muir Electrical Company representative on behalf of franchisees.

“Public holidays throughout Australia account for the strongest days for sales in the year for the Good Guys.”

Under the industrial relations laws in NSW, only certain types of shops may operate on five selected public holidays: Good Friday (10 April 2009), Easter Sunday (12 April 2009), Christmas Day, Boxing Day and ANZAC Day (before 1pm). Shops that are not exempt from this list may not trade unless they receive special permission.

The current exempt list allows for New South Welsh consumers to buy cigarettes, books and a Chiko Roll; they can have a punt on South African horseracing at the TAB; and they can browse some tack at souvenir shop. What residents of the Premier State can’t do, however, is buy a fridge or check out the latest LCD screens.

This inability for consumers to shop where they please has infuriated Good Guys’ customers, as outlined in its application.

“The Good Guys have (sic) received numerous complaints from customers lodging their dissatisfaction of not being able to shop at The Good Guys on restricted days.”

Sydneysiders who absolutely need to buy an appliance over the Easter period may have to drive into the country and visit a Retravision store, as the law allows for these stores to open provided that no more than two people own the store and they have only four staff member s or less on the day.

Other retailers currently applying for exempt status include Kmart, Myer and Target. is seeking comment from the NSW State Government and the Good Guys’ head office.