By Chris Nicholls

MELBOURNE: Phone manufacturer Siemens has appointed Melbourne-based public relations firm Greta Donaldson Publicity as its local public relations representative.

Siemens said the contract was part of a bid to raise brand awareness in Australia.

“There’s no better way to communicate our stylish and high-tech phones than through the word of mouth of Greta Donaldson Publicity. It’s a partnership dedicated to talking the talk,” said Siemens Australia and New Zealand general manager for Australia and New Zealand, Dean Verberne.

The appointment also comes on the eve of Siemens’ launch of several new home and office phones here.

Greta Donaldson was keen to point out the phones’ German heritage, unlike most, which are made in Asia.

“Siemens manufactures all of its Gigaset range of products at its factory in Bocholt, Germany, and has shipped more than 110 million products to customers around the world,” the company said in a statement.

The new Gigaset range includes cordless and fixed-network phones, voice over IP devices, routers, gateways and software. The range even includes WIMAX devices and home media products such as set-top boxes.