By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Sunbeam is planning its 2011 Good Food and Wine Show strategy after a successful engagement with this year’s event in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

According to Nicole Cowley, product marketing manager for food preparation and cooking at Sunbeam, the interactive coffee and cupcake classes known as the Sunbeam Academy, were sold out in the three principle cities.  

“With Good Food & Wine and the Sunbeam Academy, we wanted to engage with consumers and show them how to get the best out of our products,” Cowley.

“The Sunbeam Academy allowed us to break up the consumers’ visit to the show with an interactive experience and a clear product connection.

“Sales at the shows throughout Australia far exceeded our expectations and it was great to see a clear link between what consumers were seeing at the show and what they were buying at our stand.”

The Good Food and Wine Show finished yesterday.

Meanwhile, Sunbeam today announced a new Emjoi promotion. Consumers are given the chance to win a pair of shoes made from their own design through Shoes of Prey. There will be 50 pairs of shoes to be won, each pair valued at $250 and the offer is available with the purchase of any Emjoi product from 1 November to 16 January.

Customers will be required to fill out an online entry form at