At the launch event for the NEFF Flex Design appliance range, product manager, Franklin Percy demonstrated the key features of the new 60cm ovens and induction cooktops.

Product highlights of the NEFF Flex Design range include a selection of four colours – brushed bronze, anthracite grey, metallic silver and deep black – flexible designs and seamless combination kits.

There are three full touch TFT displays – the 3.7-inch high-resolution screen, 4.1-inch high-resolution screen and the premium high-contrast, high-resolution 6.8-inch screen with room for one or two Twist Pad Flex knob controls.

Without a Twist Pad Flex dial, the oven interface can be used as a regular touch screen. If customers use a single Twist Pad, the oven can be used with the turn of the dial to adjust temperature, choose a different setting, add steam and more. If customers use two Twist Pads, the oven enters Classic mode, which changes the interface completely and resembles a more traditional oven with two knobs.

The enhanced NEFF Slide & Hide door design on the Flex Design oven range offers soft close functionality.

The same colour trims – brushed bronze, anthracite grey, metallic silver and deep black – are also available on the Flex Design induction cooktops. The trims feature a magnetic clip-on design for easy removal when cleaning.

The Twist Pad Flex control knob tilts on its bevel to intuitively select the cooktop zone. A magnetic design with rubber grips on the bottom allows for easy removal to transfer the Twist Pad to a compatible appliance, such as a Flex Design oven or coffee machine.

A significant upgrade in the Flex Design induction cooktops is Frying Sensor Plus. This replaces cooking levels with 11 temperature levels ranging from 70° to 220° Celsius.