Individualisation, flexibility and customisation are at the centre of the new NEFF Flex Design appliance range, being unveiled to retailers across several launch events hosted in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth this month.

At time of launch, there are five new 60cm ovens, five 45cm combination ovens, five induction cooktops and a coffee machine, as well as a sous vide drawer and multi-functional warming drawers. An inclined rangehood is scheduled for release in May 2024, followed by a vented induction cooktop in July 2024.

The NEFF Flex Design appliance range offers four colours for customers to choose from – brushed bronze, anthracite grey, metallic silver and deep black.

NEFF Flex Design 60cm ovens and induction cooktop.

“The idea of being open for flexibility is echoed throughout the range. We are offering new colours, new flexible designs and seamless combination kits,” NEFF product manager, Franklin Percy said.

“The range launched in the UK about nine months ago and deep black has been the clear winner for the majority of purchases, but brushed bronze also seems to be a popular choice, perhaps because of its uniqueness and ability to match with other kitchen features such as handles and tapware.

“The NEFF Flex Design appliances are sold and shipped as ‘naked’ appliances that don’t come with a handle or side trims. When a customer takes delivery of the appliance, there will be a separate box with their chosen side trims and handle (for an oven) or side trims (for cooktops) and a separate box for the TwistPad Flex knob.

NEFF product manager, Franklin Percy presenting the new range.

“This means when it comes to seamlessly combining appliances, customers aren’t taking delivery of an appliance with side trims already on there that they don’t want to use. It’s a more sustainable business practice and the cost of seamlessly combining appliances is now incorporated into the price.

Franklin Percy showing the new Air Fry Tray.

“Flexibility in terms of seamless design with combination kits has grown exponentially. It’s still possible to install NEFF appliances individually but NEFF is also offering a choice of nine combination kits including new variants such as a 120cm high combi-kit in response to customer demand.

“Across the NEFF oven range, there are three full touch TFT displays – the 3.7-inch high-resolution screen, 4.1-inch high-resolution screen and the premium high-contrast, high-resolution 6.8-inch screen with room for one or two Twist Pad Flex knob controls. A Twist Pad will be included for customers who purchase an oven with the 6.8-inch display.

“Without a Twist Pad Flex dial, the interface can be used as a regular touch screen. If customers choose to pop a Twist Pad on, the oven can be used with the turn of the dial to adjust temperature, choose a different setting, add steam and more. If customers choose to place two Twist Pads, the oven enters ‘Classic mode’ which changes the interface completely and resembles a more traditional oven with two knobs – a function selector on the left and a temperature selector on the right.

Bing Lee representatives L to R: Alan Chiu, Bianca Nursoo, Ben Miller, Jordan Lee & Malin Mendis with Lydia Herout from BSH (third from right).

“The enhanced NEFF Slide & Hide door design on the Flex Design oven range offers soft close functionality. Every Flex Design 60cm model in the oven range incorporates this feature except the entry model.

“In addition to NEFF’s patented heating system, CircoTherm, the new Flex Design ovens incorporate FullSteam at 120° Celsius. Essentially, heated steam is circulated around the cavity for faster cooking times, more nutrient protection and a drier cavity which results in less mess.

“The Flex Design ovens also introduce SteamJet, a new type of added steam – bursts of steam can be added during the cooking process. It’s different to added steam as it can be added as required, up to 10 times during the cooking process.

Ben Whitford (Whitfords Designer Appliances), Bianca Nursoo (Bing Lee) & Darren Field (BSH).

“Another new addition to the Flex Design 60cm oven range is an AirFry function with an air fry tray included. The NEFF tray incorporates a perforated design with more metal than other trays on the market which helps with heat conduction for a crispier result. 

“Every 60cm Flex Design oven now comes with a single or multi-point meat probe. NEFF is known as the cooking enthusiast’s brand, so it was important to deliver a consistent message by including this feature across the range. Automatic meal settings suggest the best cooking mode based on the food being cooked, while Pyrolytic SelfCleaning and EcoClean Direct cleaning functions ensure easy cleaning.

Harvey Norman representatives.

“The same colour trims available on the Flex Design ovens – brushed bronze, anthracite grey, metallic silver and deep black – are also available on the Flex Design induction cooktops. The trims feature a magnetic clip-on design for easy removal when cleaning.

“The Twist Pad Flex control knob tilts on its bevel to intuitively select the cooktop zone. A magnetic design with rubber grips on the bottom allows for easy removal to transfer the Twist Pad to a compatible appliance, such as a Flex Design oven or coffee machine.

Winning Appliances representatives.

“A significant upgrade in the Flex Design induction cooktops is Frying Sensor Plus. This replaces cooking levels with 11 temperature levels ranging from 70° to 220° Celsius with each level increasing by 10° increments from 70° to 120° and 20° increments from 120° to 220°. An infrared sensor measures the temperature of the base of the cookware to determine the temperature. Recipes on the Home Connect app also help guide users through the new Frying Sensor Plus.

“On the Flex Design induction cooktops, plus symbols have been replaced with circles to indicate the centre of the cooking zones, making the positioning of cookware easier. The pause function and timer have also been redesigned, whilst a new favourite button can be configured through the HomeConnect app.”

NEFF team L to R: Paul Dawson, Cindy Scrymgeour, Nikita Gulati, Franklin Percy, Georgia Smith, Emma Rice, Lydia Herout, Alan Hail & Darren Field.