Anker Innovations presented its latest robotic vacuum cleaner, the MACH R1 Always Clean, on its booth at IFA 2023.

The MACH R1 is a hands-free robotic cleaner and station that automatically vacuums and mops with an all-in-one station which can auto-empty, auto-mop clean, auto water-refill, auto dirty water disposal, auto self-clean, and auto-dry capabilities.

The MACH R1’s self-cleaning technology cleans the roller mop, while high-precision laser navigation cleans hidden corners without missing stubborn stains and advanced obstacle avoidance easily navigates around any obstructions.

The LCD screen and buttons are slightly tilted and located at an ergonomically user-friendly height, making it more convenient to view information and perform operations.

The MACH R1 Always Clean was recently awarded a Good Design Award.

An Anker product demonstrator explained the inner workings of the MACH R1 Always Clean on the company’s booth at IFA.