UnderCurrent, our new gossipy masthead, was amused today to see Australia's all-time Test leading wicket taker Shane Warne scoring an own goal for Vodafone. Already in the midst of atrocious PR over its poor network coverage and customer standards, Vodafone now has to deal with the headstrong blonde from Mentone, who has clearly forgotten how much the telco supports cricket in Australia and the world.

In a Tweet to his 383,000 loyal followers, Shane Warne wrote: "I have been a loyal customer and worked with Vodafone for a long time… But seriously improve service and network coverage asap or leaving".

Vodafone is an enormous investor in Australian cricket, owning the naming rights, through its 3 brand, to the recent Ashes series. Although Vodafone bought an enormous amount of ad time to promote its services to Australian consumers, local boss Nigel Dews later blamed these new customers for the network not being able to cope with its user's demands.