With whisper-like operation and multiple airflow options, TCL’s BreezeIN Series Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners keep you in the comfort zone regardless of the weather.

Availablein 2.6KW, 3.5KW, 5.2KW, 7.2KW and 8.2KW cooling capacities, the reverse cycle systems feature a Gentle Breeze function that directs air flow in a way that’s more natural and comfortable — think shower-style cooling for summer and rising-style heating for winter. There’s also a built-in thermometer in the remote control that senses the surrounding temperature, with its “I Feel” Mode cleverly communicating with the unit to maintain perfect conditions.

TCL’s pioneering technology is on full display with a four-step Auto Clean function that uses water molecules in the air to remove airborne dirt, bacteria, and impurities. And by connecting with Google Assistant and Alexa to adjust settings via a compatible TV, smartphone or tablet, operating TCL’s BreezeIN Series Air Conditioners have never been easier.  

RRP: From $799

TCL: 03 8541 4666