By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Uniden recently held its national sales and marketing conference with executive and corporate management teams deciding to continue to grow and develop its cordless phones, UHF, GPS, LCD televisions and wireless networking product categories.

“The Uniden conference was an ideal opportunity to showcase and discuss the fresh new range of products and new product categories that the company plans to enter into,” said Uniden national marketing manager, Mark Willis.

“While we are very pleased with our current position in the market, we can never become complacent. We need to always review how we can further improve our support and relationships with our dealer network and our customers,” Willis said.

Uniden recently entered into the LCD television, digital camera and GPS navigation market, labeling all three markets some of the fastest growing in the country.

The decision to show continued focus on LCD and GPS shows the brand will remain true to its diversified structure over the coming 12 months.