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ACCO Brands has launched a brand of air purifiers, TruSens, designed to improve indoor air quality and seamlessly fit into every home environment with a contemporary minimalist design.

With DuPont Air Filtration, TruSens air purifiers draw in air from all directions, unlike traditional filters that are often flat and restrict air intake to only one side of the purifier. This creates a 360-degree filtration system and is designed to capture microscopic particles, allergens, volatile organic components and odorous gases. Once captured, the Ultraviolet Sterilisation light destroys germs and viruses that build up on the filter.

PureDirect proprietary technology uses two separate airflow streams to minimse ‘dead zones’ that do not receive air circulation. This bi-directional air flow delivers air more effectively and has proven to be up to 24% more efficient.

A SensorPod air quality monitor (below) can be placed across the room from the TruSens air purifier to measure air quality readings and transmit data to the purifier, which then analyses the data and adapts output levels accordingly.

The illuminated colour-coded display on top of the purifier communicates good, moderate or poor air quality and a numeric value provides a greater level of detail. Air quality is measured and interpreted using the 1 to 500-point Air Quality Index (AQI) scale created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The TruSens air purifier Z-1000 (RRP $229), Z-2000 (RRP $399) and Z-3000 (RRP $549) are now available online at and will soon be available on