By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Although the global financial crisis has had an adverse effect on the economy, one supplier believes things aren’t as bad as they could be. ILVE marketing manager Daniel Bertuccio told that the home renovation market has been holding up well, with consumers choosing to update their kitchens in lieu of building a whole new house.

“The kitchen renovation market is definitely at a very strong point, and we’re finding that the market is very responsive to what we’re doing at the moment,” he said. “[It’s] booming more than what people had expected to do at this point and it’s definitely not bad times.”

When asked what his research had uncovered, Bertuccio said that whilst people were prepared to skimp on extravagances, out-of-the-house entertainment and new domiciles, they did not want to spend all their time in outdated kitchens.

“We’re finding that people are staying at home more and going out less, which means they’re spending more time in their kitchen, which sometimes will spur a tendency to want to renovate their kitchen.

“Especially with them going out less, they’re having a bit more money to spend.”

Bertuccio said that with some optimism and good sales skills, there is still cash out there for whitegoods retailers.

 “Ride the wave and the sales are going to come, there’s definitely money out there and sales to be had.”