By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Dyson has moved to clarify rumours sweeping the internet the company has developed a ‘concept’ clothes dryer called the Air-line, stating it was a design concept submitted by a student in the Australian Design Awards.

Dyson Australia PR and communications manager Erica Galea said the original misunderstanding probably came when a technology blog posted a design listing on the Australian Design Awards website, believing it to be an official Dyson concept. 

“Obviously this student has submitted this project and entitled it in their submission ‘Dyson Air-line’.

“Unfortunately, that blog has come across this information and translating onto their blog site, hasn’t said anything about the award and linked it to a Dyson concept.”

She said Dyson had been in contact with the student to inform them of the situation and had asked the Design Awards website to remove any reference to Dyson in the listing. Galea also said she was contacting blog sites across the internet to inform them of the misunderstanding.

However, Galea said she was pleased the concept had picked up so much momentum in such a short space of time.