Tineco has released its new wet and dry vacuum, the Floor One S7 Pro, equipped with a balanced-pressure water flow system to easily deep clean mess and an intelligent self-cleaning system for effortless maintenance.

The water flow system ensures continuous and controlled flow of fresh water to remove dirt, grime, and tough stains. The process starts with a spray of cleaning water on the brush roll which then rotates at 450rpm before a floating scraper squeezes the roller to eliminate dirty water. Next, the Floor One S7 Pro vacuums the dirty water from the roller and floor.

The self-cleaning cycle not only deep cleans the brush roller and tube but also leverages centrifugal drying to effectively remove water from the roller and prevent mould and bacteria.

Its patented SmoothPower bi-directional self-propulsion system intelligently detects the movement of the rear wheels and propels the vacuum forward or backward, providing more power to make pulling or pushing easier.

With up to 40 minutes of runtime, the proprietary Tineco iLoop Smart Sensor technology automatically adjusts suction power, roller speed and water volume depending on the level of mess. The vacuum also comes with a dual-sided enhanced edge cleaning for maneuvering along walls and in corners. Its 3.6-inch LCD screen provides a quick snapshot of product performance and battery life. 

To cater to different cleaning needs, the Floor One S7 Pro has four operation modes – auto, max, ultra and suction. A head-lit brush illuminates the cleaning path into tight spaces, while the ergonomic vacuum handle is easy to hold and manoeuvre. The vacuum also comes with a docking station to store, self-clean and charge the unit.

Tineco general manager of overseas business unit, Romeo Luo said, “Australians are prioritising cleanliness in their living space, and the demand for advanced but easy to use cleaning solutions continues to increase. At Tineco, we are always listening to customer needs and developing innovative technologies to make their cleaning experience effortless and more convenient. The new generation Floor One S7 Pro wet and dry vacuum has been designed to seamlessly combine intelligent technologies for a best-in-class and convenient cleaning experience.”

The Tineco Floor One S7 Pro was recently awarded the Red Dot Design Award for 2023 and is now available from Godfreys for RRP $1,299.