To the Sydney Cricket Ground, where UnderCurrent enjoyed a wonderful night of pitching, slugging, chewing tobacco and a hearty chorus of Take Me Out To The Ball Game during the Seventh Innings Stretch. Those watching on TV would have missed this, but at the ground, between innings, the American Culture Explosion was not placed on hiatus, with Qantas sponsoring several classic fillers, like the Kiss Cam, a mascot race and Dodgers and Diamondbacks struggling to swallow a smidgen of Vegemite – all brilliant!

What really grabbed UnderCurrent’s attention was the Dance Off, in which fans caught on the JumboVision were expected to strut their stuff to the sounds of Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, Goonrock and Lauren Bennett. One particular youngster was so good, so entertaining, such a natural that once spotted, the rest of the segment was dedicated to him.

And why did this capture our attention? Well, this young RedFoo wannabe was standing right in front of an Appliances Online advertising board. Serendipity! It’s almost as if the producers knew exactly where to position their cameras in order to entertain the masses and get the Appliances Online logo and website out into the world. Was it intentional? It certainly seems so. So for creativity and thinking outside the, erm, diamond, UnderCurrent doffs its hat to Appliances Online.

(And, yes, UnderCurrent is currently hard at work trying to source a video of this.)