By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Olin has today joined Uniden in offering a wireless charging solution for mobile devices, including the iPhone 3G and the Nintendo DS Lite. The two new models are available now.

Olin’s local distributors, Westwell, today claimed these two products were the first wireless chargers in the Australian market using the new Qi method of charging. Qi has been created by the Wireless Power Consortium as a standard technology for all wireless charging. (see note below)

To charge one’s device, users place their Nintendo DS Lite, iPhone 3G or 3Gs on the relevant charging pad. According to Westwell , the charging time is not affected by this method charging.

Safety features include over/under voltage protection, short circuit protection, and overcharge protection.

“The Olin wireless charger range is designed to add simplicity to people’s lives, to enable users to live now,” said Westwell executive director Michelle Jin.

“Wireless chargers mean you no longer have to hunt for the right charger, you don’t have the tangle of wires, or the worry of a power surge damaging your device.  Simply drop your device onto the charging pad and leave it!

“The establishment of a universal wireless charging industry standard means the current range will soon be compatible with other electronic devices using the internationally accepted wireless charging standard, Qi, so you can use the same charging pad for multiple items.  We will soon start to see this technology available for consumers at home, in the office, in the car, at restaurants and cafes, airports and hotels.”

The OWC-NDS charger for the Nintendo DS Lite is RRP $99. The OWC-IP for the iPhone 3G and 3Gs is RRP $149.

UPDATE – 15 March 2010: Since the publication of this story, Olin's has contacted to clarify some of the information it originally furnished for this story. A spokesperson said, "Qi charging technology is not currently available and the current versions of the Olin wireless chargers are not Qi compatible. Olin is heavily involved in the development of the Qi standard which will be available later in the year.  They will then release new versions of the current chargers which will be fully Qi compatible."