TCL is launching the BreezeIN Series reverse cycle air conditioner available in various capacities – 2.6kW, 3.5kW, 5.2kW, 7.2kW and 8.2kW – to suit different room sizes within the home – from the bedroom to the living room.

Gentle Breeze mode delivers a light touch of freshness, rather than a direct cold draft, for a more comfortable and natural cooling experience. Coupled with Smart Airflow technology, there’s an optimum circulation pattern that reaches every corner of the space.

To further optimise comfort, ‘I Feel’ mode means the remote control has an integrated thermometer to measure the temperature around it and ensure the unit responds accordingly. For more swift heating or cooling, there’s a Turbo Start mode. And it’s possible to control the air conditioning via the TCL Home app, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for easy operation.

With energy efficiency at the forefront, the air conditioning units feature TCL’s inverter technology to optimise power consumption without compromising on performance, including quiet operation. For those concerned about air quality, the TCL BreezeIN Series incorporate a top-mounted filter designed to remove dust and pollutants to deliver clean air consistently.

Making maintenance a breeze is a four-step auto clean mode which harnesses the air’s natural water molecules to sweep away dirt and impurities, paired with filter reminders to enjoy a pristine atmosphere.

Each air conditioner unit features a sleek design and comes with a five-year warranty.