Australia’s first 6 Star WELS rating dishwasher proves beyond doubt that Smeg is a leader in the field of dishwashing technology. 

SMEG-454 Dishwasher 6star_1600x1600
Smeg 315 Series dishwashers, fondly known as the “6 Star” dishwashers, are a revelation in dishwashing technology, and feature the latest innovations to be conceived and engineered by Smeg. They are the first 6 Star WELS rated dishwashers in Australia.

In order to reach the 6 Star WELS rating, engineers have considered every technical possibility for reducing water usage, without compromising wash performance. The wash motor has been optimised, the hydraulic system has been re-engineered and the programme software altered to optimise results.


The result is a high-performance machine with orbital wash system to ensure full pressure is delivered around and in-between the wash load.

The 315 series dishwashers also have an excellent 4 Star Energy rating. The drying performance of the 315 series is second-to-none with the “Enersave” option, which reduces the temperature of the final rinse and automatically opens the door at the end of the programme for a super-dry result.

Independent consumer advocacy group, Choice awarded the Smeg DWA315X dishwasher the top drying score as well as best overall score in its most recent dishwasher review.

It’s the perfect machine for daily family use. Another plus is Smeg’s Flexi Duo cutlery basket, which gives the ultimate flexibility for stacking.

Smeg’s 315 series dishwashers will not only give you a fantastic washing and drying performance, they will save you money in water and energy usage over time and provide peace of mind for their gentle impact on the environment.

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