Smeg compact cooking appliances
Smeg’s new compact range in situ in an actual house. (Designed by Sublime Architectural Interiors)

It’s been a busy start to the year by Italian appliance brand Smeg. The company has been expanding its product ranges and entering new categories, launching a new range of compact cooking appliances, 6-Star WELS rated dishwashers and both Condenser and Heat Pump dryers.

Smeg’s compact range is available in both the Linear and Classic styles and is catered towards customers that have space constraints in their kitchen. Manufacturers are predicting growth in this compact market, which is standardising around a 60 centimetre (horizontal) by 45 centimetre (vertical) dimension matrix.

The compact range comprises a microwave oven and grill (RRP $2,790), a convection/microwave (RRP $3,290), a dedicated steam oven (RRP $3,290), a combination steam/convection oven (RRP $4,490) and a built-in coffee machine (RRP $4,290).

“A major benefit of the Smeg compact series is the cookie-cutter design approach,” the company said. “Each appliance, be it Classic or Linear, has matching aesthetics to give a homogeneous look to the entire kitchen.”

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Smeg dishwasher
Smeg 6-star WELS dishwasher.

In dishwashing, where Smeg is famous for taking learnings from its very mature commercial business and applying those to its domestic lines, the company has unleashed Australia’s first range of 6-Star WELS rated dishwashers. These dishwashers; which are available in black, white and stainless steel, and as freestanding, underbench, semi and fully integrated; can wash and rinse a full load in under 10 minutes.

“All Smeg dishwashers utilise the highly sophisticated and patented Orbital wash technology that features two spray arms that operate simultaneously in opposite directions to ensure water is evenly distributed throughout the inner cavity for a perfect wash.”

This range starts at RRP $1,590 for the freestanding models in black and white and goes up to RRP $1,990 for the semi and fully integrated models.

In the laundry, which is not traditionally Smeg’s purview in Australia, the company is making a bold start to its dryer campaign, lifting the veil on one Heat Pump model (RRP $2,490) and two Condenser units (RRP $1,390 for the 7-kilogram model and RRP $1,590 for the 8-kilogram dryer).

The 7-kilogram Heat Pump dryer has 20 programs covering cotton, denim, wool, delicates, sportswear and even the traditional men’s business shirt. Smeg reports that this dryer uses around half the energy of its predecessor and has a 10-year motor warranty.

Smeg Heat Pump Dryer
Smeg 7-kilogram heat pump dryer.

Here is a brief explanation of Heat Pump Dryer technology, provided by Smeg. This refers specifically to its new model but can also be applied broadly to the technology at large:

These dryers use conventional heat pump technology, whereby the heat pump re-uses the hot air from within the dryer instead of expelling it like traditional vented electrical dryers. Any excess hot air is condensed into a collection tank that can be fully plumbed or emptied periodically.

Advantages of the heat pump model are its low energy consumption — using about 45 per cent less than vented models — and lack of condensation and heat emissions (which mean there is no longer any need to duct the dryer).

And here is Smeg explaining how its Condenser dryers work (once again, this can be applied broadly to the technology):

A condenser dryer uses a heat exchange to cool the air and extract the water vapour before eturning the air to the clothes drum to collect more water vapour and continue the process. Therefore there is no need for ducting or ventilation in the laundry area.

Smeg’s new compact appliances, dishwashers and dryers are all currently available.