Exclusive to The Good Guys.

Sharp has introduced its latest microwaves – the R330EW and R330ES, exclusive to The Good Guys stores. Available in white or silver fascia, the range is suitable for everyday cooking, defrosting and reheating with three memory key settings for frequently used programs.


Sharp Corporation of Australia national marketing manager, Halim Saliman said, “At Sharp Australia, we are continually looking at ways to evolve our product offerings based on feedback from Australian families. These new high-powered microwaves provide our customers with a mid-size option that saves them time while also providing their favourite menus and features.”

The R330EW and R330ES have nine popular auto menus which have been automatically programmed with a time and microwave power level to ensure food is cooked or reheated to perfection. Auto menus include Fresh Vegetables, Rice and Pasta, Melt/Soften (Butter, Chocolate, Cream Cheese), Reheat Beverage, Dinner Plate and Casserole.


The microwaves allow for a two-stage cooking sequence making it possible to combine multiple microwave power levels and cooking times for dishes that require various stages of cooking or reheating. There is also a memory function with the option to store three frequently used microwave power levels and cook times. Additionally, the microwaves have a quick start function for a quick 30 second burst of 100% power cooking or can be used to add 30 seconds to cooking already in progress.