Exclusive by Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Freeview has contacted Current.com.au, admitting that describing Panasonic as a “participating manufacturer” was a mistake.

This mea culpa came just minutes after Current.com.au revealed that the free-to-air television body has published marketing information falsely claiming that Panasonic was already on board. In truth, Panasonic is only currently in discussions with Freeview.

A spokesperson for Freeview said that listing Panasonic was an “inadvertent error”, and that this was the only time it had made such a mistake. Throughout this time, Panasonic has not been listed on Freeview’s website, and its spokesperson said that only fully-fledged Freeview participants had ever been listed on the site.

Meanwhile, Panasonic director , consumer electronics, Paul Reid also contacted Current.com.au. He told us that whilst Panasonic is not yet a participant, the discussions had so far been fruitful, and that Panasonic did not have anything against Freeview.