Seeley International held a dealer evening at Melbourne’s Crown Promenade last night to unveil its next-generation Braemar and Breezair evaporative air conditioners. Seeley International founder and executive chairman, Frank Seeley AM, unveiled the Braemar Superstealth series, and hosted cricketing legend Max Walker as a special presenter.

“This high efficiency axial inverter technology offers the quietest cooling in the Braemar range, and does so using far less energy than a standard fan and motor – meaning that fan power is up, noise is down, cooling is up and running costs are down,” Seeley said.



“Last week, Seeley International showcased the world’s first range of high performance inverter axial coolers – its ‘INVERTAIR™’ series – and now we have incorporated that breakthrough technology into our new Braemar Superstealth series,” he said.

“Braemar has been the product of choice of Australian families for more than 50 years, and this latest leading-edge technology – which uses far less energy per kilowatt of cooling than previous axial units – will further strengthen the brand’s reputation as the most tried, trusted and altogether innovative choice available in both Australian and International markets.”

Seeley International also used the event attended by many of its national dealership team and key industry representatives to introduce a number of exciting new functions across its Breezair range – including breakthrough automated pad rinse technology and a seasonal maintenance alert capability.

“Remaining the market leader in evaporative cooling, and being the most awarded evaporative air conditioning manufacturer in Australia for more than 40 years, comes from our unwavering commitment to developing over-the-horizon technologies today,” Seeley added.

“It is important to have a regular maintenance regime in place to ensure years of trouble-free operation, and this fully automated self-cleaning technology is a world first, that activates an automated pad and tank rinsing cycle, based on how much a cooler has actually been used,” he said.

“Not only does this ensure that the cooling unit remains clean and  fresh, it also reduces the need for maintenance, and through the MagIQtouch controller, it also provides reminders as to when it requires service, so that customers can “set-and-forget”,  and still be assured of peak performance, season after season.”

Seeley International also took the wraps off its latest national summer campaign for the Breezair evaporative air conditioning range, which features a mix of television and digital advertising elements as well as point of sale materials and a dedicated website landing page. In addition, the Braemar refrigerated split system range will now be promoted using digital and online tactics.

The company is also offering  a $200 special cash back promotion  throughout October on all Breezair and Braemar fixed evaporative air conditioning models.  Meanwhile, Seeley himself is starring in the latest Seeley International TV advertising campaign which can be viewed on  its YouTube channel.Braemar_front-cutaway