By Paul Hayes

MELBOURNE, VIC: With winter officially here, consumers will be looking to keep warm and upgrade their electric heaters.

Speaking to, Dimplex marketing coordinator, Douglas Yapp, said his company is confident in the success of the cooler season and has already started out well.

“We have lots of stock already out there and now it’s just a matter of the weather getting cold.

“Things have really been quite good. In particular, we have been finding that oil and eco column heaters have been doing very well.”

Eco columns heaters feature the patented Dimplex Drytech element technology, which allows the units to operate without having to heat any oil, meaning they warm the air immediately and heat an area up to eight times faster than traditional oil-filled column heaters.

Yapp said that in addition to the more traditional types of heaters, Dimplex is experiencing success with alternatives such as radiant heaters, ceramic heaters and, in particular, electric fires.

“Introducing an electric fire at less than RRP $100, a similar price point to ceramic heaters, looks to have helped revive the electric fire category,” said Yapp.

The company has also recently introduced its new Dimplex Comet panel heaters, which are designed to increase heating efficiency and feature an electronic thermostat that cycles the room temperature every 40-seconds, along with 0.5-degrees Celsius temperature accuracy, said the company.

“The panel heater is actually doing extremely well, and with a number of models available expect these to be very popular,” said Yapp.