Three important pillars.

At the recent launch event of the Samsung QLED TV range for 2017, Samsung director of TV and AV, Mark Warburton outlined how the company leads television innovation and technology, holding its number one market position, both globally and in Australia, for 11 years.

Addressing attendees of the event, Warburton said, “It is a very special time for us at Samsung and also for the TV industry as we open the conversation about what the ultimate in home entertainment and TV could look like for customers here in Australia.

“Just a few months ago at CES, Samsung announced the launch of a new evolution in TV with QLED – where we are setting a new bar and creating new innovation here in Australia very shortly. Samsung has been a leader driving innovation in television technology for decades and the number one in global sales and also here in Australia for 11 years. This doesn’t come by accident. We believe this is because of three key reasons.

“The first is paying very close attention to the needs of our customers – globally and right here in Australia. Secondly is a constant focus on delivering continual improvement and breakthrough technology in home entertainment for televisions. And thirdly, most importantly providing a seamless experience, amazing design, innovation and a commitment to be the best across every aspect of our TVs whether that is overall design, lifestyle functionality, the picture or the audio performance.

“At Samsung, our mission is to enrich people’s lives through technology and innovation. Tonight we celebrate a new era with the launch of the QLED range of TVs.”

As previously reported by Appliance Retailer, Samsung’s new QLED TVs will be available through a variety of retail outlets nationally from April 17, 2017.

The Samsung Q9 series will be available in 65-inch, 75-inch, and 88-inch models. The Samsung Q8 and Q7 series will be available in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch models:

QLED Q7 55-inch TV – $4,499

QLED Q7 65-inch TV – $6,499

QLED Q7 75-inch TV – $10,999

QLED Q8 55-inch TV – $5,499

QLED Q8 65-inch TV – $7,499

QLED Q8 75-inch TV – $12,499

QLED Q9 65-inch TV – $9,499

QLED Q9 75-inch TV – $14,999

QLED Q9 88-inch TV – $39,999