The exclusive collaboration introduces Marimekko’s beloved Unikko flower pattern to a range of Samsung Galaxy phone accessories, including earbud cases, phone covers, and watch wristbands.

Designed by Maija Isola, Unikko commemorates its 60th anniversary this year. More than 40 designs from the renowned Finnish fashion house are now available as artwork for Samsung’s The Frame TV. This offering includes curated images and three rotating collections based on the seasons. 

The partnership is the latest in a series of collaborations for Marimekko with the likes of Adidas, UNIQLO and IKEA in previous years.

Samsung Art Store Europe product manager, Sofia Monteiro said, “Our aim with this partnership is to provide users with timeless designs, enabling them to customize their living spaces with a touch of Finnish creativity.”

The artwork features designs by renowned Marimekko designers such as Isola, Fujiwo Ishimoto, Katsuji Wakisaka, Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi, and Maija Louekari, all of whom are responsible for some of Marimekko’s most well-known prints.

Australians will have the opportunity to download selected Marimekko prints as artwork in the Samsung Art Store for the Frame TV.