By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: One local kitchen appliance supplier believes that whilst the buying preferences of Australian consumers have changed due to the current global financial crisis, sales have not yet contracted.

“In the past three months we have seen a shift towards cost-saving appliances such as induction cooktops and pared-back multifunction ovens,” said Omega Appliances marketing services manager Julie Muller.

“Consumers are looking for quality appliances that are both affordable and offer ongoing savings – in energy and or water – throughout the lifetime of the product.

“Induction cooking, for example, promises significant cost-savings during its lifespan as it is the most efficient form of cooking available and contributes to a cooler kitchen environment, which in turn saves energy costs on air conditioning and cooling.

Additionally, Muller announced that Omega is about to launch a range of 4-star rated dishwashers that she believes will contribute considerable savings to domestic water consumption throughout the lifespan of the product.