By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: iPrimus has hit back at Telstra in style this evening, with marketing and product general manager Andrew Sims dismissing Telstra’s new plans as still well behind industry standards.

In a brief release to media in the wake of mass news coverage of Telstra’s new plans, Sims virtually said that Telstra customers were virtually being ripped off by its rates – and the new announcements are no different.

"Online gaming and video usage in Australia has been significant for several years, so for Telstra to only just realise this and update their plans accordingly shows their lack of understanding and commitment to their customers," Sims said.

"Yet their best offers announced today still comes (sic) nowhere near matching plans offered by the rest of the industry.

"For example, for the same price and at the same speed, the iPrimus Starter Plus ADSL2+ plan offers five times more data allowance than the Telstra plan.  I struggle to understand how they can justify the price differential to their customers."