By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: The owner of the New South Wales registered number plate ‘HD TV’ is selling his prized plate, with the sale expected to be worth in excess of $10,000.

The gold-on-black HD TV number plate belongs to the Sydney-based managing director of Skywave Electronics — who requested not to be named— and is hoped to be in hot demand among the booming high definition LCD and plasma industry’s top Australian executives.

The owner bought the plates in 2002 when, as distributor of the Rank Arena brand, he imported what he claims was the first HD-ready CRT television in Australia.

Skywave national sales manager, Phil Currie, said with the popularity of HD TV on the rise, the time is right for his boss to sell the plates. Currie has been appointed to oversee the sale, and can be contacted on (02) 9756 0030 or email

Skywave is best known in Australia for its Regal brand of LCD and plasma televisions.