By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ new Diamond series inverter air-conditioners will appeal to customers who are both energy and financially conscious, with a running costs of approximately $0.11 per hour.

Speaking to, marketing manager, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Australia, Graham Hamilton, said that because of the Diamond series’ energy efficiency, they can be run with less impact on the energy bill.

“The 2.5 kilowatt machine, for example, only needs 0.49 of a kilowatt at 230 volts to deliver 2.55 kilowatts per hour.

“So if we are currently paying in Sydney about $0.22 per kilowatt hour for electricity, this machine will deliver for around $0.11 per hour.”

The Diamond ZJX series of inverters will come in 2, 2.5, 3.5 and 5-kilowatts capacities and will begin at the higher end price point of RRP $1,199.

“With the efficiency people pay more,” said Hamilton.

“I am sure the cost of electricity is on everyone’s mind at the moment.

“The saving may only amount in cents over one hour, but over the life of the machine it would certainly make a difference.”

Both the 2 and 2.5-kilowatt Diamond series inverters are expected on the market around the end of May, with the larger sizes to follow.