Powermove Distribution today announced it will begin distributing iLuv’s range of cases, headphones and power products in Australia, starting with wholesaling to Big W, Apple Retail Stores and specialists from July 2014. iLuv has previously been distributed locally by Bush Australia.

Based in Victoria, Powermove currently distributes Logic3, Klipsch, Philips, Soul, Jays and Pure Acoustics, among many others.

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“We are excited and proud to be able to work with iLuv to offer this high quality and innovative range of accessory products to the Australian market.” said David Vanderkley, Powermove accessory product manager.

“iLuv brings its world-class style to an evolving market where consumers are demanding a more personalised product offering. Powermove will leverage its knowledge of the Australian consumer to make sure iLuv’s products have the right exposure using a multichannel marketing strategy.”

iLuv speakers
iLuv speakers

iLuv Creative Technology senior vice president of sales and marketing William Otte said the company was excited to work with Powermove.

“We are very excited to work with Powermove in introducing iLuv products to Australia,” he said, which is an odd turn of phrase considering iLuv has been in Australia since at least November 2012.

“We believe that consumers not only want high-quality, value-added products, but also products that reflect who they are. All of our products were designed with this in mind and our partnership with Powermove will allow consumers in Australia to discover the accessories that best complement their lifestyles.”

Appliance Retailer asked Powermove whether it was taking over iLuv distribution from Bush Australia or sharing responsibilities. A spokesperson said that Powermove would “prefer not to comment on [that] topic”. A subsequent call to Bush Australia was not immediately returned. Bush Australia currently distributes its eponymous brand and Blaupunkt, and has formerly wholesaled Grundig.

The iLuv website established by Bush Australia to promote the brand now carries the message, “The site is now closed”, and a link to warranty information for existing customers.