With key retail partners.

Smeg celebrated its 70 year anniversary this week at Sydney’s Carriageworks.

Former Smeg Australia managing director, Andrew Cronin, Narta executive chairman Kay Spencer and CEO Michael Jackson, Lionel Lee from Bing Lee, John Winning Snr and John Winning Jnr from Winning Appliances, Harvey Norman executive director, David Ackery and e&s joint managing directors, Mike and Rob Sinclair, were among attendees of the retailer event on Thursday evening.

Former Smeg Australia managing director, Andrew Cronin, Leon Wolf (Smeg) and Peter Tsoutouras (Spartan Electrical)

Olivia Anderson (Smeg)

Back: Michael Jackson (Narta), Emer Zavaroni, Jim Kalotheos (Smeg) and Darren Spencer (Narta); Front: Kay Spencer (Narta) and Rick Hart (Winning Group)

Lionel Lee (Bing Lee) and Jim Kalotheos (Smeg)

Back: Emer Zavaroni (Smeg) and John Winning Jnr (Winning Group); Front: John Winning Snr (Winning Group) and Jim Kalotheos (Smeg)

Jo Devery, Anita Savoldi, Mandy Wright and Clara Hinch (Winning Group)

Back: Ashley Collins, Iain Tennent (Harvey Norman) Emer Zavaroni (Smeg), David Ackery, Lisa Burke (Harvey Norman) and Mark Churcher (Smeg); Front: Wayne Campbell, Jim Kalotheos (Smeg) and Lachlan Roach (Harvey Norman)

Greg Scott, Haydon Myers (Harvey Norman) and Jordan Rogers (Winning Group)

Geraldine Gillespie (The Good Guys) and Emer Zavaroni (Smeg)

Greg Lake, Mike and Rob Sinclair (e&s) and Jim Kalotheos (Smeg)

Davide Zavaroni, Emer Zavaroni (Smeg) and Lachlan Roach (Harvey Norman)

John Murphy and Rick Hart (Winning Group)

Photo Credit: Sophie Granger Photography