By James Wells

SYDNEY: Sony Australia today addressed the current issue regarding the perception that flat panel television margins are being squeezed, but argued that the Bravia brand offers higher sell price and margins for retailers.

“There is an increasing perception of margins being squeezed, especially in flat panel but with Sony it’s different,”  said Sony Australia general manager AV IT sales, David Hargreaves.

“Using Bravia as an example, the average selling price has been higher, the dollar margins have been higher and ultimately that’s more money in the till at the end of the day.

“It’s true there are shortened product lifecycles too. Take Bravia as an example, I’m sure many of you remember just a few years ago when TV product lifecycle was two or three times longer than the 8-12 months Bravia is now.

“This situation is not going to alter so it’s important that we work together to embrace the opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling that everyone who has spoken today has outlined.

“In terms of a key take-out today, I want you all to know that from a strong strategic base, we’re working hard to deliver to you where it counts, at the shopfront

“To Carl’s point earlier, selling Full HD LCD TVs is the first step down the road to a complete suite of Full HD solutions that, if we embrace the challenge and work together, will benefit us all. 

“In short, we’ve got the team to succeed and an enviable product mix that’s built around maximising average selling prices, connectivity and strategically relevant technologies. 

“All you need to do now is grasp these opportunities with both hands.”