By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: LG Electronics Australia has today issued an apology for the ‘greenwashing’ scandal that enveloped it today. In this letter, LG explains what is doing to fix the problems arising from this miscommunication of energy standards, though no explanation of how it came to be is provided.

 “LG is committed to producing the highest quality products to our consumers and take seriously any claim that our products do not meet high standards. LG Australia sincerely apologises for its two fridge models that have been advertised with incorrect energy rating as per the Australian Standard,” said a spokesperson.

LG is now offering full refunds to consumers, or a replacement refrigerator that truly reflects the advertised energy claims, to those consumers who choose not to accept the company’s $331.20 rebate offer.

“LG is also aware that some consumers will have purchased the fridge on the basis of its efficiency credentials and are therefore offering consumers either a replacement fridge which meets the energy rating standards advertised or a full refund of the purchase value of the fridge.”

According to LG, of the 1,259 consumers who purchased one of these refrigerators, 1,045 have so far not accepted the rebate offer.

In order to prevent further energy standards controversies, LG reported that it will be “conducting an internal investigation to ensure that all refrigerators are accurately registered to the new Australian energy usage standard and we continue to supply highest quality products to our consumers.”