By Patrick Avenell

Whether you're a new parent looking to watch over your baby, a privacy fiend wanting to secure your property or a amateur spy looking to take your stealth credentials to the next level, Uniden has the right device to suit your surveillance needs.

Guardian is Uniden's newest product in its wireless surveillance range, with users now able to monitor the action being recorded on cameras through a dedicated tablet or an app on their smartphone or tablet.

This means that, for example, a dedicated home security buff can watch over their front lawn all day while at work on their phone, or a business-person travelling overseas can still watch over their children while stuck in a potentially boring pipeline meeting at the global head office.

Naturally, Uniden isn't promoting this aspect of the Guardian, preferring to think of it as an "affordable DIY security solution for homes and businesses".

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Here's senior national marketing executive Brad Hales.

“Australian residents and business owners are becoming more vigilant about security, and increasingly looking to DIY security solutions which are simple and affordable, rather than outlaying significant expenses with a 24-hour surveillance company," Hales said.

“As Australia’s first tablet-style wireless surveillance system with a remote viewing app, the launch of Guardian strengthens Uniden’s commitment to innovation in the DIY surveillance category. 

"Uniden Guardian is an exceptionally user-friendly, high quality, plug-and-play system that caters to the needs of homeowners and businesses, and with the remote viewing app, users have the peace of mind in knowing that checking up on their property is only a click away.”

Features of the Guardian models include infrared night vision (up to 12 metres), ‘true daytime colour’ picture quality, 2x digital zoom with pan and tilt capabilities and live viewing on PCs, Macs, and iOS and Android devices.

There are three models of the Uniden Guardian, which will be available instore on 1 June:
Guardian G2720 (7-inch tablet plus two weatherproof cameras) for RRP $549.
Guardian G2711 (7-inch tablet, one weatherproof camera plus one indoor camera) for RRP $549.
Guardian G2710 (7-inch tablet plus one weatherproof camera) for RRP $449.

Consumers who purchase the G2720 pack will also receive, via redemption, a free indoor camera (RRP $129). More information on this promotion will be available on Uniden's dedicated promotions website closer to the release date.

The Uniden Guardian surveillance system.