Planning changes come into effect.

The NSW Government is making it easier for large format retailers to provide goods and services by introducing new and updated retail land use definitions into law, effective 31 August 2018.

NSW Department of Planning and Environment Deputy Secretary for Policy and Strategy, Alison Frame said the planning amendments will cut red tape for retailers that handle specialised goods, such as bedding, furniture and household appliances, giving them more choice on how to run their businesses.

“These changes to the retail definitions are something the industry has been calling for to help them better meet the needs of their customers and it’s great that we’re able to meet those calls and introduce these amendments,” Frame said.

“Large format retailers will no longer be required to have both a large area for handling, display and storage and direct vehicle access to loading facilities for members of the public as only one of these requirements needs to be met.

“The amendment provides retailers with more choice on how to operate their businesses, and meet customer preference for a convenient, one-stop specialised retail experience.”

The Large Format Retail Association (LFRA) welcomed the NSW Planning changes as they provide certainty for the retail sector.

“Retail is a dynamic industry and this amendment reflects the changing nature of retail over the past twenty years,” LFRA CEO, Philippa Kelly said.

“These amendments will give all retail stakeholders clarity, consistency and certainty.

“Our economic forecasts show that with the appropriate NSW planning ecosystem the Large Format Retail sector could deliver an additional 43,000 full time equivalent direct and indirect jobs.

“This announcement is the law catching up to the reality of the market which will unleash a new wave of investment in NSW.”