By James Wells in Osaka

OSAKA: Sharp Corporation of Australia plans to introduce a new oven to the Australian market next year which has the ability of roasting food with water by creating super-heated steam over 300 degrees.

Sharp Corporation of Australia deputy managing director, Denis Kerr, told he expects at least two Healsio models to be introduced in the 2007 financial year commencing 1 April.

The Helsio steam cooker has already been well received in Japan and Singapore as the product boasts the ability to cook food eight times faster than that of a convection oven.

“The Helsio can grill fish and meat as well as conduct conventional steam cooking,” Kerr said.

“It also reduces the salt content and the fat content of food during cooking as well as maintaining nutrients.

“The Helsio complements the existing range of Sharp microwaves which are the market leaders by value on the Australian market. Sharp was also the first Japanese manufacturer of microwaves,” Kerr said.

We are looking at a 30 litre model and possibly even a larger size, but we definitely will not introduce a model below 24 litres as we want this to be a family product. Under 24-litres is suitable for a single unit dweller.”

There are no estimates on pricing at this stage.

“We are likely to be looking at restricted distribution for this product and we will be using business partners that are the mainstream supporters of Sharp.”