YouTube has announced a ground-breaking new site that will allow you to watch videos on your home television, without the need for a Tivo or Apple TV box. is a new website which has just been created that allows you to watch YouTube videos through a PS3 or Wii gaming console. This site will only run through a consoles internal web browser and will not operate through a normal PC based internet provider.

The main difference between this site and the ordinary YouTube is the fact that it creates a TV-friendly interface with full screen viewing set as default, a new layout, easy to read buttons and the ability to auto-play videos continuously from a play list.

This is a clever move by YouTube, and yet another effort to try and increase viewers. Annie Baxter, a member of the Google PR team commented “Youtube has 15 hours of content downloaded into its servers every minute, we want to increase this further by experimenting through this medium.”

This will undoubtedly help, due to the fact that viewers can now leave the confines of the office and sit in the comfort of their own living room to watch the limitless amount of content YouTube has on offer.

“This will allow viewers to feel much more comfortable while watching content, it will encourage people to lay back and relax, instead of leaning towards a computer screen” said Baxter.

Combine this with enhanced picture quality of going from a PC or laptop monitor to a HD plasma or LCD television and this seems to be a great breakthrough.

Currently this service is only available for the Wii and PS3. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sadly missed out, due to the fact that it does not contain a web browser built in. It also doesn’t help that YouTube is owned by Google, one of Microsoft’s biggest competitors.