By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Hitachi Australia recently announced the latest release in its ultra short throw series. The CP-D10 is marketed as being a premium quality projector at a more affordable price.

Hitachi reported that this model gives users the ability to present from the front of a room with minimal shadowing and greatly-reduced eye glare. This model uses a new free-shaped plastic lens, allowing it to achieve short throw distances of 93 centimetres for an 80-inch screen.

Talking about this release is Hitachi digital presentations solutions division product manager Bill Christoforou.

“Short throw projectors are ideal in smaller rooms where space is limited but a large screen size is required,” Christoforou said.

“In addition, they’re the perfect companion to any interactive whiteboard, minimising shadowing and presenter eye glare. The Hitachi CP-D10 is a great projector for those who are looking for a reasonably-priced option for presentations and lessons in any situation.”

“The Hitachi short throw projector range confirms our commitment to providing the industry with the most advanced technology to improve efficiencies within learning spaces. We have invested a lot of research and development into our Hitachi short throw projectors so users can benefit from its superior design and capabilities at a fair price.”

According to Hitachi, the Hybrid Filter in the CP-D10 means that maintenance and cleaning sessions are extended from every 400 hours to 4,000 hours. Security functions include a PIN lock and a security bar that allows safety chains to be securely and easily attached.

The Hitachi CP-D10 is RRP $2,145.