Asks for security and stability.

“We would like a quick, efficient and decisive election,” Myer CEO Richard Umbers told Appliance Retailer in a recent interview in Sydney.

“What really benefits our industry and Australia as well, is that we have good consumer confidence and the ability to have some certainty around some policies and the environment that we are either investing in or developing. Anything that gives the consumer the sense that they have a secure future, stability and employment are positive things that we would encourage,” he said.

Myer CEO

“We track the Westpac Consumer Confidence Index and it has been remarkably stable. Once the new government is installed and providing some certainty of what happens for the next three years I’d like to think that people will see that as a good sign and that we see consumer sentiment lift further. It went up a bit when the interest rates dropped but equally in the long term of course a prosperous Australia needs good conditions for businesses to invest in.

“Certainty around what the future looks like, the environment that we are investing in and a level playing field for everyone to compete across – that certainty can give us the confidence to get behind our own business activities and strategy and it gives the customer the confidence to be investing and buying things for their own future because they are confident about their own prosperity as well,” Umbers added.