By James Wells

BRISBANE: Betta Stores Limited (BSL) has received approval from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to lodge its full year audited accounts by 30 October, 2006.

In a statement issued to the Newcastle Stock Exchange (NSX) yesterday evening, BSL said it expects to release its full year audited accounts by 30 October 2006, after it lodged its preliminary full year results on 13 September 2006.

“The company had applied to ASIC for relief from the obligation to provide full year audited accounts by 30 September, 2006 following advice from the company’s auditors that they could not resume their audit until October, 2006.

“The auditors had commenced their audit of the financial report, however due to prior commitments and issues previously advised by the company, the auditors were unable to finalise their work by 30 September, 2006.

“In accordance with section 340(1) of the Corporations Act ASIC has made an order relieving the company from compliance with section 319(3) of the Corporations Act provided the company lodges all reports for the 2005-2006 financial year by 30 October, 2006.”