By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Sony Australia has launched its new range of DVD Handycam camcorders with a television, in-store and online advertising campaign worth over $1 million.

The campaign, which launched on free-to-air and Pay TV networks nationally last week, focuses on the on the simplicity of Sony’s new range, using the tag line ‘Shoot. Eject. Play. Simple’.

The new DVD Handycams feature LCD touch screen operation, surround sound recording and extended battery life.

“DVD will be the format of choice for busy families and individuals in Australia due to its wide compatibility and ease of use. Sony’s new range of DVD Handycam camcorders is so simple to use, any member of the family can pick it up and shoot their footage with the press of one button,” said Sony Australia Handycam product manager, Di Shepherd.

Shepherd believes the new range’s ability to record straight to DVD and then be able to play it back instantly on a DVD player, without needing to spend hours editing on a PC beforehand, is a major strength of the product, and that by using DVDs the camcorders will easily integrate in Australian households.

“DVD players are an integral part of most households’ entertainment system, and are the most popular method of playing movies in Australia today. What could then be simpler than having a camcorder that lets you record your very own memories to DVD and replay them directly through your DVD player? This latest campaign demonstrates to customers just how easy becoming a filmmaker can be,” she said.

The in-store campaign will feature POS collateral such as banners, posters, counter cards and shelf talkers.