What appliance not to promote during this important season.

Big W has apologised on social media for advertising vacuum cleaners in a Mother’s Day sale after receiving a lashing on Facebook.

For the unitiated, most women do not enjoy performing housework despite desiring a clean home and the issue of who does the housework is one of the most contentious within a marriage or partnership.

Unfortunately for Big W, the guffaw has now been read by the millions of UK readers of the Daily Mail, which posted the story from its Australian site to its local site this morning.

According to the Daily Mail, Lyndsey Regan-Evans had seen shelves full of Dyson vacuum cleaners under a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ sign in one of her local stores, and posted it to Big W’s Facebook page with her critique.

Lyndsey said she ‘loved’ her own Dyson, but didn’t want a ‘b****y cleaning appliance for Mother’s Day’.

‘I didn’t find it offensive… I just thought it was funny. Hey thanks for all your hard work as a mum here’s a vacuum to clean up after me!!,’ she added.

‘I’m sitting at home breast feeding after being up all night and here’s an idea for my first Mother’s Day – a bloody vacuum’ Gee what a reward.’


Photo courtesy: Lyndsey Regan-Evans

More pertinently, she said the way to decide if it was sexist or not, was to see if it had featured in BIG W’s Father’s Day display.

BIG W has apologised for any offence caused and said the vacuums weren’t intended to be ‘purposely directed as gifts for Mother’s Day’ despite the appliances sitting directly underneath a Happy Mother’s Day sign.

It also said they were featured items on offer in its catalogue and that it had passed the feedback on to its marketing team.

Meanwhile, other social media users echoed her sentiment that advertising the appliances for Mother’s Day was wrong.

Although some weren’t impressed, others liked the idea.

One woman wrote: ‘I’d love a new Dyson, I don’t find it offensive at all. Nothing better than new appliances in my opinion. Better than a robe and slippers. Even though it’s the thought that counts.’

On the Big W website, a range of beauty items and appliances are advertised under the heading ‘Mother’s Day gift ideas’.

Daily Mail Australia said it attempted to contact BIG W for comment, but reached the company outside of operating hours.

Big W’s strategy was surprising, considering the amount of content available on how to market to women. Most smart retailers in 2016 understand the mood of Australian women on appliance gifting for Mother’s Day and are strategic with their promotions.