Among Australian households.

Australians are increasingly concerned about rising energy costs and how these impact family budgets. The inaugural Mitsubishi Electric Australia Home Trends Report 2018 also found that 85% of Australians have altered their domestic duties to reduce household energy consumption.

Speaking at a media event in Sydney, Mitsubishi Electric Australia managing director, Jeremy Needham said along with these concerns the way homes are designed is now based on a more holistic approach, “encompassing cost, energy efficiency, food waste as well as look and feel”.  

Needham said the research report demonstrates how design aligns with the needs of consumers and gives an insight into what they will be looking for in years to come. “Mitsubishi is designing appliances specifically for Australians, particularly when there is clear demand for energy efficiency.”

According to the report, of the 95% of Australians concerned about energy costs, 45% were “extremely concerned” and compared to a year ago, more than three-quarters were more concerned about energy costs while concern about the environment was highest among Generation X and Australian families.

Inside the Mitsubishi Electric LX-630 Refrigerator (Photo credit: Jacquie Mannin)

Not surprisingly, using more energy efficient appliances was at the forefront, with 89% of those surveyed worried about how energy efficient their appliances are and more than half were more concerned about energy efficiency appliances than they were 12 months ago. And more than 25% are replacing their appliances with more energy efficient products. As to changes to domestic duties, 31% don’t over pack their fridge and 40% don’t put hot items in the fridge/freezer.

The report also found that advances in technology and the necessity to increase energy efficiency are transforming households with seven out of 10 consumers expecting the inclusion of digital technologies such as multi-sensory appliances (43%) and smart connectivity (35%) to impact the home of the future.

Another speaker at the event was brand ambassador and TV chef, Ed Halmagyi who spoke about the amount of food wastage which amounted to 11% of the average grocery spend or a total of $137.8 million nationally. He also spoke about the increasing trends in home cooking, preparing meals in bulk for storage and entertaining. The Australian diet has also changed from the ‘meat and three vegetables’ to barbecues, Australian-sourced product and fresh seafood.

Mitsubishi Electric brand ambassador and TV chef, Ed Halmagyi (Photo credit: Jacquie Mannin)

Halmagyi also commented on the recently launched Mitsubishi WX and LX Series range of multi-drawer refrigerators, which were on display at the event.

“Mitsubishi Electric WX-500 refrigerators are designed for apartment living as consumers downsize their living spaces, but you are not giving up the space inside the fridge. The Mitsubishi Electric LX-630 is very versatile with adjustable shelving, a refillable ice maker and super chill zone controlled by a touch screen on the front of the fridge.

“The number one rule for leading a healthy living – eating more fruit and vegetables. With this in mind, at the back of the bottom drawer of the LX-630, there is a globe at a particular wavelength that slows down the oxidation process, allowing foods to last up to three times longer.”

Demand for energy efficiency is going to increase, marketing and communications manager, Jessica Millard said. “Mitsubishi has been an integral part of Australian kitchens for more than 30 years and demand for appliance options that save money in the long run has boomed in the past two years.”