Miele’s Dialog oven – heralded as ‘the most significant technological innovation’ in the company’s history by co-owner, Reinhard Zinkann – has landed in Australia.

Infamously known for being able to cook fish in a block of ice without the ice melting, the Dialog oven can cook even the most dissimilar ingredients or an entire menu to perfection with the result produced at the exact same time.

When demonstrating the Dialog oven in 2018, Miele brand ambassador, Shannon Bennett said the technology is better than what is available in a commercial kitchen: “it has jumped over the hospitality industry and leap-frogged commercial kitchen technology”.

The Dialog oven incorporates world-first M Chef technology that delivers results up to 70% faster without compromising on quality by applying electromagnetic waves in a specific frequency range and distributes these in the oven via two sensors.

M Chef cooks food ‘volumetrically’ from the inside-out. This means a fillet of beef, for example, is cooked uniformly pink from the edges right through to the core. In conventional ovens, the heat travels from the outside-in so when the core is cooked, the outer layers are often already overdone.

The Dialog oven can also be used as a traditional oven, equipped with Moisture Plus, food probe and automatic programs such as Gourmet Assistant which suggests settings dependent on the type and quality of food and Gourmet Profi which allows users to manually select operating mode, gourmet units, intensity and cooking times. Other key features include pyrolytic self-cleaning, BrilliantLight LED lighting and M Touch display to control the oven by tapping or swiping.

The Dialog oven is compatible with the Miele@mobile app for users to experiment and try new ideas with food preparation videos, shopping lists and the ability for cooking parameters to be transferred directly to the appliance.

Miele customers who purchase the Dialog oven receive a comprehensive cookbook to guide them and an invitation to host a private dining experience at their nearest Miele Experience Centre to learn about M Chef technology under expert guidance of a Miele professional chef.

Miele category manager for built-in cooking and cooling, Melissa Taylor said the Dialog oven opens up cooking possibilities that have never been seen before.

“The Dialog oven changes everything we know about cooking,” she said.

“With its revolutionary technology, customers can create the unimaginable – put meat, fish and vegetables in at exactly the same time and each item will be cooked to perfection. Normally slow cooked pork or lamb can take anywhere between 8 and 16 hours in a traditional oven but the Dialog oven achieves the same results in only 2.5 hours.

“Technically challenging dishes such as souffles are cooked with ease. Customers can cook a fillet of fish in a block of ice or fillet of veal in beeswax without either melting.

“We are beyond delighted to bring this exciting technology to Australia and showcase our brand promise Immer Besser – Forever Better, pushing the limits of what is possible in appliance technology further.”