IFA Global Press Conference - Power Briefing Miele - Dr. Reinhard Zinkann, Executive Director and Co-Proprietor

In the history of the company.

The co-owner of Miele, Reinhard Zinkann has nominated the company’s Dialog oven as the most significant technological innovation the company has produced.

Speaking with Appliance Retailer at the IFA Press Conference in Rome, Dr Zinkann was asked about the most important products launched since managing the family-owned business with his business partner Dr Markus Miele.

“Besides the steam oven and the built-in coffee machine, the Dialog oven is the most exciting product, but in terms of technology it is definitely the most exciting one,” he said.

“It is one of the most spectacular products in the history of our company. For excellent results in the shortest of time, even the most dissimilar ingredients or an entire menu can be placed together and cooked to perfection at precisely the same point of time. Even fish encapsulated in a block of ice, can even be cooked to without the ice melting, so it doesn’t start swimming again,” Zinkann said.

IFA Global Press Conference: Miele Executive Director and Co-Proprietor, Dr. Reinhard Zinkann

“The most impressive feat is cooking pulled pork in two and a half hours at a very low temperature and this dish normally requires between eight and sixteen hours.

“Most important innovation in the kitchen since the introduction of induction technology – that is how we announced it at IFA last year.

“What is it about the technology behind it – it is based on a combination of conventional cooking methods and electromagnetic waves operating at various frequencies. I am unfortunately only a sales rep and a technician.

“Two antennas in the device transmit energy through electromagnetic waves through a wide range of transmission channels. The energy is emitted in small amounts yet achieves a high penetration depth into the food molecules. Since the antennas in the device can both send and receive, the Dialog oven calculates the difference between the energy emitted and the energy not absorbed by the food so the Dialog oven knows how much energy has already been absorbed by the food.

“We measure the energy that has been absorbed by the food in gourmet units – one gourmet unit corresponds to one kilojoule of energy. After measuring the absorbed energy the Dialog oven optimizes the amount of gourmet units still required to achieve perfect results – this is the M Chef cooking method for targeted use of energy specifically tailored to exact cooking requirements. In the process, the food heats up in its entirety and achieves perfect and even results.

“For the first time in the history of food preparation, the Dialog Oven and MChef make it possible to cook food volumetrically and establish a dialogue between the food and the appliance.”

Over the next few weeks, The Dialog oven will be launched in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and the next country to receive the product will be Italy in the third quarter of this year.

A release date in Australia has not been confirmed at this stage.