Miele ANZ managing director Yves Dalcourt has praised the success of its 10-year warranty promotion described by competitors as “game-changing” for the industry.

“I am extremely pleased with what has transpired with the 10-year warranty promotion with the level of interest and I am very happy with the positive results in Australia despite Victoria mostly under lockdown,” Dalcourt told Appliance Retailer this week after reviewing the early results of the promotion.

“New Zealand’s performance versus the same period last year is also very positive and looking forward to a strong finish in both countries,” he said without revealing specific details on data or product performance.

Miele launched its 10-year warranty only for the month of September in a video presentation with Appliance Retailer.

To hear more from Yves Dalcourt on why the promotion was introduced – click on the video below.

35 seconds –Yves’ professional background and his time with Miele Canada

2 minutes 40 seconds – A comparison between the Miele Canada and Miele Australia MCA model

3 minutes 45 seconds – How Miele is pivoting during COVID-19

7 minutes 30 seconds – Details of Miele’s 10-year warranty

9 minutes 50 seconds – The launch of the Miele Triflex and entry into the handstick category

10 minutes 55 seconds – Miele’s Better Days video launched from Germany

11 minutes 35 seconds – Miele’s Generation 7000 dishwasher with world-first automatic detergent dispensing system

12 minutes – Closing remarks and overall message to Miele retail partners