By Patrick Avenell

CANBERRA, ACT & SYDNEY, NSW: The Minister responsible for the digital TV switchover has launched a tirade against unscrupulous and fraudulent door-to-door salespeople selling supposed digital switchover equipment.

In a statement from his office this morning, Senator Conroy (VIC – ALP), the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, said he was outraged to learn that conmen had been deceiving residents in country areas with empty promises of digital television.

“I was outraged to hear reports about people claiming to represent the Government and offering digital television goods door-to-door. These people have no relationship with the Government and should be reported immediately,” Senator Conroy said.

 “Make no mistake, any unscrupulous activity that is brought to the Government’s attention will be reported to Consumer Affairs.

Conroy thanked his fellow parliamentarian, John Forrest MP (Mallee VIC – NP), for alerting him to this deception.

“Switching to digital TV is a straight forward and inexpensive task for the vast majority of Australians,” Senator Conroy said.

“Set-top-boxes are available in supermarkets and electronics retailers to suit a range of budgets and I urge people to find a product that meets their needs and helps them enjoy the benefits of digital television.”

Senator Conroy urged anyone who suspected someone of selling fake switchover equipment to contact the Digital Switchover Taskforce on 1800 201 013.