By James Wells

SYDNEY: Pioneer today launched its first plasma display panel (PDP) with 1080 line progressive scan (1080p) resolution which the company says has been built for two key Sony technological developments – Blu-ray and PlayStation3.

Displays with 1080p resolution are capable of displaying high definition content at full quality.

According to Pioneer category manager – visual, Max Everingham, the new 5000EX PDP will be the centerpiece of the high definition visual, sound and content environment and will attract the early adopter.

“We are truly an innovative company and we have a track record of developing technology. It has been a goal for our engineers to create a 1080p screen,” Everingham told

This panel features two million pixels, which is twice the number of pixels compared to the existing XGA panel, with cells that are 47 per cent smaller. With this resolution, it will complement other devices on the market including the high definition optical disc format Blu-ray which is also included in the Sony PlayStation 3 games console.

“This product has been built for PS3 and Blu-Ray,” Everingham said.

In an addition to the company’s Complete Plasma Experience, Pioneer will not only be providing home installation with this product, they will also be offering an in-home calibration service.

“In the same way that a car has to be run in, the 5000EX can be calibrated after 100 to 150 hours of normal use by the consumer.

The 5000EX panels will be calibrated by Aaron Rigg – one of Australia’s best visual device calibration experts.

Rigg works with Avical Australia and is one of four professionals in the country to be certified with ISF.

“If a panel is sold in Broome in far north west Australia for example, as far as I am concerned, Aaron will be calibrating it,” Everingham said.

“Awareness of calibration is very low at the moment, but this will grow as high definition takes hold as HD panel sales. In the USA, not only is calibrating commonplace, it is universally appreciated as a service amongst buyers at that level of plasma."

To assist with calibration, the 5000EX features a c3 function also known as the Custom Calibration Configuration.

“The c3 function is unique. No other panel has this function at this stage, but competing manufacturers may implement this feature on their panels in the future.

“We speak to a lot of retailers, and there is confusion in the marketplace about what full HD actually is. We are going to tackle this not by muddying the waters, but by presenting this as the next step up from DVD. Blu-ray is the best you can get and the next step up from SD."

According to Everingham, the distribution for the product will initially be restricted.

“The demand for this product is very high, and we are already on back order. As a result, we will only have a limited distribution of the first shipment of stock when it arrives in Australia later this month.

“There is no doubt this an early adopter product. We fully anticipate the market will move increasingly towards HD panels at the expense of SD panels. For us, the story is HD all the way and we will be positioning our brand as a leader in the category. We have made the first step towards achieving that goal with the release of the 5000EX.”