With professional results.

Gaggenau presented its fully automatic espresso machine 400 series and 200 series at the recent Living Kitchen Fair in Cologne, Germany. Interchangeable bean containers allow for a seamless switch from a perfect espresso to a specific roast. The machines also allow users to program up to eight personalised settings for strength levels, water temperature, coffee-to-milk ratio and cup size.

“Coffee is an integral part of our culinary culture, be it a functional morning wake up or an after dinner ceremony, we all have our own, specific coffees for different moods, times of the day or occasions. Our commitment to personalisation and providing professional results in the private setting has now been fully realised by our latest range of fully automatic espresso machines,” Gaggenau head of global brand, Sven Schnee said.

The maintenance-free ceramic grinders provide fresh, consistent grounds. Fill levels for the milk, beans and water are monitored and when required, the automatic door opening of the 400 series and the closing system of the 200 series makes refilling simple. For inlet and outlet water connected machines, the coffee is brewed with fresh water while all appliances offer an emptying programme, which prepares the machine for longer periods of non-use.

The automated rinsing, descaling and steam cleaning functions free the user from almost everything to do with the machine, other than appreciating its coffee.