The new Bora Professional series consists of six components: a cooktop, extractor, motor, duct, filter and wall sleeve, and boasts an electric cooktop extractor and intelligent operator guidance. The launch of the new Professional series coincides with the company’s 10 year anniversary.

Bora Professional was the company’s first product in 2007, but it has now been perfected in terms of innovation, functionality, simplicity and performance. The series offers the largest cooktops in the domestic market and can now be installed as a system in floating worktops.


Bora founder Willi Bruckbauer 

To meet demand for seamless kitchen design, when a cooking zone is switched on, the cover flaps open automatically and silently, and then closes at the end of the cooking process. Beneath the filter in the cooktop extractor is a drip pan for fats.

The temperature is displayed on the knob where it can be adjusted with a combined touch and rotation movement. More functions and programs, including the cooktop extractor controls, are also executed from here. The cooking surface available and the cooking zone can be utilised to the full.