Philips has released its Candeo range of 120” full video LED displays, to cater to a variety of professional solutions.

According to Travis Anderson at Philips Electronics Australia, out of home communications has become an increasingly important tool for marketers, and traditional plasma and LCD displays just can’t cut it compared to professional displays.

“In large indoor shopping centres, exhibition venues and sporting facilities the most effective messaging platform occurs at a distance of 5 to 50 metres. In this environment, traditional plasma and LCD displays are too small and lack the brightness to communicate dynamic content effectively at longer distances,” he said.

To address this Philips has made their new range of Candeo LED displays ideal for viewing from longer distances. They have done this by equipping a unique built-in video processor, which enables the display to handle dynamic content with ultra-high brightness to improve visibility in indoor conditions.

“The Candeo professional displays are driven by Philips’ proprietary picture enhancing technologies including: SmoothPix which measures and adjusts each LED during alignment to provide the high quality picture; and Anti-Solarisation Processing (ASP) which uses Philips’ 45 bit colour processing to eliminate unwanted solarisation effects commonly seen on dark picture areas of LED screens,” said Anderson.

The Candeo is promised to be an out-of-the-box solution, that is very easy to set up in any venue, and is supported with a range of accessories including pedestals and wall mounts.

There are currently three models in the range – Candeo 4-120i, Candeo 6-120i and Candeo10-120i, and all are HD Ready.

“The Candeo is perfect for the hospitality, retail, transport, entertainment and leisure markets,” commented Anderson.